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Our creative, unique and clutter busting 3D mail products and grabbers will explode your direct mail results. Look into our products section free example sales letters and headlines to help you easily incorporate 3D Mail into your campaign and amplify your returns.

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“…You’d be foolish not to use 3D Mail Results…”

“The use of object-mail, grabbers and freemiums plays a role in almost every direct-mail campaign I develop for my private clients as well as for my own use, and Travis Lee at 3D Mail Results is my go-to guy for these items and for fresh ideas. I have brought in Travis, Keith and their team in on projects, referred clients to him, and turned to him time and again for the right items at the right price. You’d be foolish not to use 3D Mail Results as your preferred resource as I do.”

All of our members know that not only do I like 3D mail a lot, but I use them a lot. 3D Mail does a lot of great things, but the biggest thing it does… it increases response.  The return on your investment will be much, much higher than the cost of it, so it just always pays for itself.

I doubled the response I was get-ting to my best control package using 3D Mail. Based on my results I have endorsed 3D Mail to my mem-bers.  I would recommend using 3D Mail to anyone looking to increase their sales and more importantly, their profits.

We got an $18.00 return for every dollar that we invested in a 3D mailing… They are really great folks to work with.  We consider them to be marketing partners who are integral to our success in direct response.

With your 3-D mail pieces I’ve experienced as much as a qua-drupling in response rate over “flat” letters and postcards. There’s just nothing like dimen-sional mail…it’s like being a kid again, ripping open your mail to see what the surprise is inside!  You’ve helped to make sending dimensional mail easy.  Thanks to you, my prospects now have three piles of mail: A-pile, B-pile, and “3-D pile”

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