Lost client direct mail 3-step sequence

By Walter Bergeron

“My name is Walter Bergeron, the GKIC Mark of the year. And I’m here at Info Summit with 3-D Mail Results. I just want to tell you guys about some of the products of theirs that I’ve used to help me achieve the Marketer of the Year status. As a matter of fact, it actually helped me earn the $1.1 Million that I received and used to present to GKIC, and actually win Mark of the Year. 

Well, this is part of the process here, its a little 3-D campaign that I use. 3 Step Mail campaign that I use, and I know the pieces are cool, too, but I also want to mention to you that they actually gave me the copy that I used in the letters that I send to my clients. It made me look really good because I don’t know how to write copy that well, so all I did is apply their copy, put my name in it and it worked great. So, this was part of what I actually used to earn all that money and help me become Mark of the Year.

So the peaks are really cool, and it’s worked in an industry that is not real sexy, this is industrial electronics sales, so it stands out fantastic; it’s something that’s totally different from what anyone else in the market is using and if you’re selling industrial electronics sales, you shouldn’t do it because I still want to keep that money for myself, please. But this works great in industrial sales because it stands out and is so unique, and it’s fantastic for me, thank you guys, I appreciate it.”

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