Ringing Business Card Holder

By Travis Lee
Co-Founder and President

Most people don’t think of their business cards as a direct response marketing tool. Most see them as a necessary evil. However, you can create your business card as a REAL advertising tool. Plus, you can measure your results like we do in direct response, if done correctly!

What’s The Perceived Role Of A Business Card? Most people say, “so they have my information on file” FACT: 90% of all business cards are thrown away in the first 3 days, 5-9% are put into a shoebox to follow-up on later (which eventually end up in the garbage), the other 1% are kept – maybe 1% of those people will call you to inquire about your service.

What’s The Real Roles Of A Business Card?ringing business card holder

  1. To be used as currency to get their business card and
  2. Make them an offer to get them to ‘raise their hand’ and take some sort of action FREE works best.

Realize that it is just another media – another place to sell. ‘A’ pile vs. ‘B’ pile – get into the A pile – the top 1%.

How To Get Into The Top 1%

  • Involvement devices, scavenger hunts (free stuff), compelling offers.
  • Stellar copy: including a headline, just like any piece of marketing – Your name or logo is not a headline!
  • Something “different” – NOT BORING, just like 3D Mail.

The Math – The Dumb Way:

You pay $25 to get 1,000 cheap cards made – that’s $0.025 a card. Of those 1000 cards, 990 will go into the trash at some point, 10 will be kept.

Of those 10, maybe 1 person will call to find out more about your services. CPL = $25.00

The Math – The Better Way:

You pay $150 to get 1,000 good cards made – that’s $0.15 a card. 900 are automatically junked. There are still 100 people that are curious about your card. Of those 100, 20 go to your website to get more FREE information. Your cost per lead is $7.50.

HERE’S THE POINT: It’s actually costs less to get a good customer with a good card than lousy, cheap cards.

As you very likely know, I love using OUTRAGEOUS marketing strategies throughout my business, and using your business card as an OUTRAGEOUS sales tool is no different.

Introduce yourself with a unique and effective spin by sending this 4 5/8” x 3 1/8” ringing business card holder on your sales calls, at trade shows, or via mail (with included envelopes)!

The moment someone opens it, a classic telephone ringing sound fills the air, capturing everyone’s attention and naturally leading them to read your card to discover its purpose.

For a preview, click here and don’t forget to hit the play button on the video to see and hear the ringing business card holder.

This strategy cuts through the usual advertising noise your target audience faces every day, ensuring your message resonates loud and clear! You’ll see that not only won’t they just throw it away, as they often do with plain business cards and postcards, they will show it to others!

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