Direct Mail Power Words That Increase Response

By Travis Lee

“All Men are created equal.” – Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence, 1776.

However, unlike man, not all words are created equal. In fact there are dozens of words and phrases that have been tested over and over again to be “better” words than others. This week’s tip focuses on direct mail power words!

FREE is still the most powerful word in marketing. It’s hard to outperform “Free.” That’s why so many people use it in their marketing. Current split-test of single work teaser copy on envelopes proves it out pulls all challengers. It is hard to create an irresistible offer more enticing than free.

NEW runs second by a nose as the best curiosity-arousing, attention-getting word to FREE. Think about it, when you bump into a friend or acquaintance you don’t ask, “what old?” do you.

Of course not!

Consumers have been conditioned to believe that new = better, and to want the ‘new’ so badly they’ll get in lines outside stores a mile long and wait for hours to be the first to get the ‘new.’

You need look no farther than you nearest Apple Store during a new product launch. Its cousin, “new and improved,” plays to this. For years, Proctor and Gamble put out a different “new and improved Tide” every four to six months!

YOUR CHOICE. “Choose any 5 books for just $1…” Variations of the “your choice” offer was made famous by the book of the month club business and all its off-shoots (record of the month, CD of the month).

It is also a staple in the health and financial newsletter business in regards to bonuses. If you can get a prospect involved in choosing, you make ‘yes’ or ‘no’ go away!

FINALLY. Whenever you are selling against previous disappointments, frustrations, skepticism, or offering a new solution, this is a powerful word.

It telegraphs the complex message – as in, “Finally, a weight loss plan that actually works, for Hollywood stars and women right there in Indianapolis.”

PHOTO ENCLOSED, DO NOT BEND. A favorite trick to get envelopes opened, requires only the enclosure of a printed photo of you, your product, your customers, your town, etc.

In fact, I’ve even used PHOTO ENCLOSED, DO NOT BEND, as a subject line of an email, and it’s one of my 10 best ever as far as open rates, which includes data from over 1,000 emails!

PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL. Can serve the same purpose, but requires more care that what’s immediately seen inside IS personal and confidential.

Use these direct mail power words and see your response rates, and profits, soar!

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