Real Estate Investor Bulky Mail Success

By Travis Lee

Hopefully you recognize Nick’s name. Nick and his Company, Metes & Bounds Realty ( have been featured in this newsletter a few times. My dad, Keith, recently ran into Nick at a marketing seminar they were both attending.

They got to talking and Nick told Keith about his most recent success using 3D Mail, specifically the shredded money mailer. Here’s an excerpt from what he said. You can see the entire video to the right.

Shredded MoneyWe did the shredded money mailer, thanks to Tara in your office. I sent out 970 letters, we got 4 flips out of them, and made $240,000 on a cost of $2,100. Every time we send this stuff out, we’re the only ones with shredded money, sand timers, and they call us every single time.
– Nick Noorali. Metes & Bounds Realty. Batavia, IL

You can see a copy of his letter here.

Nick is very smart with his direct mail marketing. He proactively mails prospects who are facing foreclosure or have a property in probate or distress. They key word: PROACTIVELY, sent every 2-3 months to a very targeted group.

Nick starts with a tried and true opening. This works for just about any 3D Mail item you use:

Dear Aaron,

As you can see I’ve included a bag of shredded money with this letter. Why have I done this? Actually, there are two very important reasons:

First, I have something very URGENT to tell you and I needed a way to make sure this letter gets your attention.

Secondly, what I have to tell you concerns how you can avoid shredding money that is rightfully yours, so I felt that this nifty little “eye catcher” was appropriate.

Nick also does a great job of using personalization throughout the entire letter. People love to see their name (even on a letter that’s telling them their home will be foreclosed!). Nick uses the name in the headline and the salutation, and also includes the address of the house, plus the sales date of the home should they not act.

I also love the offer of a “free recorded message.” It will often out-perform simply giving a number to call; many people prefer the anonymity and security of hearing the message rather than the potential confrontation of dealing with a ‘live’ salesperson, especially with something as scary as a possible foreclosure.

I’ll leave you with this question: Who can you target in systematic, proactive and ongoing way that can add 5%, 10%, 20% or more to your business? That’s your challenge for the month.

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