You’re Better Off Shredding Your Money

By Travis Lee

Have you ever used shredded money in your direct mail campaigns? Well here’s a great case study on how to use this unique mailers.

Normally I try and show you examples from outside of my various businesses (which is up to three separate businesses), but this one absolutely kicked-butt and took names, with a 8.4:1 ROI on total profits (not just total sales, profits).

This number does not include back-end sales or continuity, which will not doubt become a multiple of that.  Plus, it added 56 new members to this newsletter in ONE WEEKEND.

I hope I have your attention.

I’m not sure how wise it is to pull back the curtain this far on many of the strategies and psychological triggers we used, especially since those 56 new members will be reading this newsletter.

But you’re here for high level, tested information, so pull back the curtain I must.

Here’s a link to the actual letter and to the left is a picture of the actual piece as it was used.

You’ll notice right away we didn’t mail the piece.  As a sponsor of the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s (GKIC) yearly Information Marketing Summit, we’re allowed to insert this letter into the conference bag that all attendees receive upon registering at the conference.

I’m constantly prodding and urging (nagging?) people to find creative, out-of-the-box ways to market their businesses using 3D Mail.

This is a great example.  I’ve seen and heard of people using 3D Mail in this way, and as hand-outs at trade shows, seminars, street fairs etc.

It makes perfect sense.  It can often be less expensive, and certainly more eye-catching, than a fancy and glossy brochure that most businesses hand out at these events.

You’ll notice the layout of the front and back cover right away.  GKIC typically has a theme for their events, and this event was no different.

It was a “National Inquirer” themed event as the original founder of the newspaper was the key-note speaker.

We used the same themes and layout they had been using throughout the marketing of their event.

The whole idea is to enter the conversation already going on in their mind, which worked beautifully for us.

There’s a lot to learn from the letter, but I want to focus specifically on the guarantees.  You’ll notice I did something I usually don’t do, and that’s lead with the guarantee.

When you have a great (and I mean really great) guarantee, you’re wise to start with it.

Here we’ve offered a triple guarantee.  First is the standard one-year, unconditional, no questions asked guarantee.  No matter what you offer, you’re wise to offer a guarantee. I always offer a minimum of a one year and it works very well for me.

The length in time of the guarantee is critical.  In almost all instances the longer the guarantee, the fewer refunds you’ll have. I know that may go against conventional thinking that the more time they have with a product/service the more likely they will realize they don’t like it or don’t need it.

It’s actually just the opposite.  The more time they have to use your product or service, the less likely they are to ask for a refund.  Here’s why.

When you only give someone 14 days to use it, at day 12 if they haven’t used it, or are not seeing results, they’ll ask for a refund. If you give the same product 90 days, the chances that they actually will remember and use the guarantee goes way down.  Now, you need to be honest and have integrity with this.

shredded money direct mail

Back of the sales letter, meant to look like the National Inquirer.

If they ask for a refund on your guarantee within the time allowed, you darn well better honor it.

Now, here’s where it gets ballsy.  I take it two steps further and offer not one, but TWO CONDITIONAL guarantees, triple their money back guarantee.  Go read them right now on the bottom of page three.

With a conditional guarantee your client must do something in order to get the guarantee.  Here, it’s actually mail our product, and use a coaching call, which was free with the purchase of the kit.

Here’s why they work so well.  Everybody buys the kit (or any information product for that matter) with the intention of using everything included, like the coaching calls.  But the cold hard truth is most don’t, and smart marketers realize this.

Buyers make a decision to buy with the guarantee in mind, but many won’t go through the steps to get it.  It can have a HUGE effect on sales, with little effect on refunds.

Lots of stuff in this letter, so I suggest you read is carefully and pull from it what you can for your next successful letter

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