Using direct mail to grown your consulting business

By Mike Crow

“Hi, this is Mike Crow with Coach Blueprint. We’re here having a great time.  I have to tell you though, what I really wanted to just mention is I wanted to just take a couple seconds and show you this silly little bobble-head. Isn’t this the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen? 

You know I was just walking past, and talking with these guys, and I didn’t even realize they are the ones my staff has been using as their secret weapon to send out to my top, top people to make sure that they want to send us more business.  The funny thing is I was working with one of those top people, and they went, “Oh, I love the little bobble-head.” So silly isn’t it. He had a great smile, though.

The other thing that I thought was good, that some of my members, some of my Coach Blueprint members have been using is this Bank-bag. I’ve used it several times, it’s pretty impressive. Nobody gets this that isn’t going to open it up. 

So, all I want to tell you is, work with these guys. 3-D is amazing, alright. And the people; Travis and Keith are so down to earth; so real, you’ll never come across people that really quite honestly care as much as they do. They want to make sure that you’re taken care of.  Well this is Mike Crow with Have a great day! Go make some money!”

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