Direct Mail Success Story with a Bank Bag

By Travis Lee

A few months ago, I received a great note from a relatively new client. He had just sent out the bank bag for his direct mail campaign. It happens quite often, but it’s never surprises, this stuff really works!

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you that I just got my first new client using your crazy program! I expect to get many more as the response that I am getting from the follow up phone calls seems to be very positive. The one account that I got should result in at least $40,000 in commissions this year for my recruiting business. Dan Jourdan Remedy Staffing of Atlanta

Dan has three different businesses. This campaign was for his sales staffing company, in Atlanta, GA (he also has a speaker training business and a cold calling training program).

bank bag self-mailer success story.

I highly suggest you open and read his letter right here before you read any further.

Dan is using the “Dream 100” campaign strategy that I’ve spoken about at length before. He’s mailing monthly to a high-value list of just 35 businesses, calling the following week. Then sending emails and LinkedIn messages the next.

In all, in touches his idea prospects 3 weeks in a row during the month, gives them a week off, the starts all over again. I’m guessing once the campaign “proves itself” further, Dan will ramp up to 75-100 per month.

I ALWAYS recommend that you either start out with a phone call or follow up with a phone call to be sure they received your letter. In the B2B world this isn’t a problem.

Choose a highly targeted segment of your current prospect list you believe you can have success with. Or pick a list of your ideal prospects. For solo entrepreneurs that may only be 25-50, for larger companies with a sales force, it could be hundreds.

Dan, to start his test, sent only 35, Whatever you do, keep it small enough that you can micro-manage it from the beginning. Remember, these are your DREAM clients, so micro-managing it is a GOOD thing. Send out your attention-getting, clutter busting 3D Mail, and follow it up with a phone call.

Try to get to the decision maker on your phone call, but even if you get the gatekeeper, ask if they received the piece you sent. If it’s 3D Mail, they are almost guaranteed to remember it. They’ll likely even get a chuckle out of it. Repeat the above sequence every 30 days until all your “Dream List” become clients. It takes discipline, but it can work wonders for your business.

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