Unlock The Secrets To Direct Mail Success

By Travis Lee

Who ISN’T going to open a little safe that arrives in the mail! This overcomes our #1 hurdle in ALL of marketing, getting attention!

You’ll notice the lift note right away. That’s the letter we put in the box, but OUTSIDE the safe.

When using the safe I would almost always use a lift note. This is to briefly explain what the reader is getting, and more importantly, to sell the reader on the next step which is opening the safe and reading the letter inside.

You can see a copy of this simple lift note here.

In the lift note you’ll want to tease the reader. Give them just enough to whet their appetite, but not enough for them to make a buying decision on what you’re offering without reading your next letter inside.

Here’s a sales letter template you can use for this item, check it out.

With the size of the safe you’re going to want to keep your letter inside to 2 pages or less (or double sided printing to get up to 4 pages of copy). It’s just too hard to get more than that inside without it being difficult to get out.

If telling your story and making the sale requires more than the 4 pages will allow, consider moving them from your letter to another media (i.e. a web page), to further tell your sales message, lead them to video, audio etc.

While the safe could work very well for cold prospecting, unless you have a highly targeted list that matches your idea client perfectly, you’re probably best to use this as part of a new prospect funnel. They’ve entered your marketing funnel somewhere along the line and this is a follow up step to really WOW them and have them take that next buying step. You could also use this to up-sell or cross sell existing clients to other products or services or even use as a lost client acquisition.

The safe, box and inserts weighs 5.4 oz. This is classified as a 1st class mail package by the USPS, and will cost $4.39 to mail as is via 1st class mail. Here are a handful of headline ideas. You may be able to use one as is or tweak one slightly to fit perfectly in your business.

Unlock to Secret Big Savings in your Vehicle

Open Your Own Safe When You Discover That Now is The Best Time Ever to Make REAL Money In Real Estate

You Won’t Need a Combination to The Safe When You Get a New Printer for Less Than What You’re Currently Paying for Toner & Service

Yes You Can Own Your Own Building For Less Than You’re Currently Paying For Rent, and Take All The Extra Money to Your Own Personal Safe.

You’ll Find the Combination to the Safe When You Realize You Can Still Make 6 Figures as a Photographer!

Put All That Extra Cash in Your Safe With No Interest Payments for 72 Months!

“An Opportunity That Will Allow You to Open Any Safe, With Any Amount of Money You Want”

“Here’s Your Combination to the Safe of Your Dreams”

“Discover the Secrets to ___________, And You’ll Need a Safe For All Your New Found Cash”

“You Hold the Key to The Safe in Your ____________ Business.”

A Home Security System That Will Keep Your Family as Secure As The Biggest Safe in Fort Knox”

Marketing Tip Reader’s Only Special

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Here’s a sales letter template you can use for this item, check it out.

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