A Very Unique Direct Mail Campaign

By Travis Lee
Co-Found and President

I’m cheating a little… I must admit, this isn’t a “brand” new item, but it in one of the most unique direct mail ideas we’ve seen.

We stocked it as recently as two years ago. unique direct mail campaign Mini MailboxesHowever, our manufacturer discontinued the item a few months later. I hated that. I thought this piece was outstanding and was working its way up our “Best-Seller” chart.

I suggest you click here and read the sample letter and then come back here for the analysis of the letter and the strategies used. 

Thankfully we found a new manufacturer and we’re able to bring this item back. So this month, an encore presentation of the mailbox mailer.

There are three rarely spoken about strategies at play in this month’s letter.

I suggest you read the sales letter linked above now and then come back here for the analysis of the letter and the strategies used. Then re-read the letter again for clarity of the strategies.

The first thing you notice is this particular letter was written as a follow-up to a lead that was generated at a (fictitious) convention. So the first big strategy is FOLLOW UP WITH YOUR LEADS!

You’re probably shaking your head saying, “Nope, not us, we follow up everybody.” Unless you have an automatic, sequential and multimedia follow up sequence in place, I guarantee you’re not following up nearly as well as you think you are.

One thing I always hear after we return from a convention or trade show is that 3D Mail was the only business to follow up with them. That’s because we have an automatic, sequential and multimedia follow up sequence in place.

The second big strategy is a “sales” problem that we can fix with good marketing. You notice this is a lead we’re attempting to contact with one-to-one sales communication but have yet to break through. It’s a problem I often hear. “Why won’t they simply return my calls?” Well, you’re simply not being convincing enough. When you leave boring voice mails and dreary emails where the message is “BUY MY STUFF,” you’re going to stall with traditional forms of communication.

The last strategy is higher level. One that many businesses miss. We talk often about using lead generation marketing to grow your list. It’s almost universally the best way for a small to mid-sized business to grow.

But once we have a lead, and then a paying customer, most never go back and do further lead generation within their customer and leads list. This works for any business that has more than a single product or service. In this example, we have a sales training company that has stalled with the lead they generated.

We can go a lot of directions underneath the umbrella of “sales training.” In this case we offer the lead something new and different from our previous messages. You get them to raise their hand again all over again for something different. You’re reaching out and sending a message other than “BUY unique direct mail campaign Mini MailboxesMY STUFF AND DO IT NOW!!”

You’ll get another small commitment from the lead. Hopefully that will open the door for you. It’s also a way for you to further show off your expertise, an excellent way of building even more trust with the client or prospect.

You didn’t think I’d reveal a new direct mail item as unique as this and NOT have a sale on it, right?

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Ff you’re looking for inspiration on your letter, check out this sample template to use as a model..

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