Tinplate Mini Mailboxes

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"I’ve Tried All Modern Forms of Communication, So I thought I’d Try the Reliable Pony Express."

Sample Headlines

This is an item that HAS to be on top of any mail stack. Who isn't going to open and read a letter that's send in  a little mailbox! Just send the mailbox in the box it comes in, and add postage and a mailing label. Need help with mail fulfillment? Just give us a call at 360-761-7382 or contact us here. Size: 5″ x 2.5″ x 3″ (LxWxT)

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

I’ve Tried All Modern Forms of Communication…

“So I thought I’d Try the Reliable Pony Express.”

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to offer you a groundbreaking report to help your sales team boost their slumping sales.

Dear <<FIRST NAME>>,

You may remember me.  We met at the Super Giant Convention in <<NEW ORLEANS>> about a month ago.  We talked about some of the challenges your company was facing with <<decreased morale and the diminishing returns from your sales team>>.

I’ve had a tough time getting ahold of you with all our modern forms of communication like email and voice mail that I thought I’d give the old reliable Pony Express a try.

Since we last met in <<NEW ORLEANS>> our research team has put the finishing touches on a groundbreaking report of findings that ALL sales managers shouldn’t be without.

Here’s what we did

As “hands-on-trainers” for hundreds of the biggest sales teams across the nation, we have a unique insight into creating success sales teams, who are motivated and ready to sell each and every day.  Our independent research team has uncovered some fascinating information.  REAL DATA from thousands of interviews with owners, CEO’s, sales managers and their sales teams.

In all, 13.5 common themes came up with each business, and our researchers put together:

“The 13.5* Ways to Motivate a Slumping Sales Team without Boring Meetings or Expensive Trainers.”
*Why 13.5?  You’ll have to request the free report!

Some of the discoveries include:

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