Rubber $100 Bill Eraser

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You Can Eraser All Your _______________ When You __________________!

Eraser All Your Debt When You Consolidate Your Debt To One Low Monthly Paymeet

Eraser All Your Worries When Your Remodel Your Kitchen with the Kitchen Pros!

You Can Eraser All Your Worries and Pain When You Use Outsourced Managed Care IT

Sample Headlines

If you save your clients money in any way or erase worry and doubt, then this is a piece you must test. Who doesn’t love money! Most people have an immediate positive reaction to money, even if it’s fake. Plus, it’s just flat out fun.  Only the biggest stick in the mud won’t laugh and play with the bill. Size: 2 3/4" x 1 1/4"

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If You have Debt in Excess of $50,000, You Can Erase ALL Your Debt (Even Your Mortgage) in as Little as 4 Years Using The Money You’re Already Making

It’s a scary time of year with little ghosts and goblins running the streets, but getting out of debt doesn’t need to be scary.  Read my short letter to learn more.

Dear <<NAME>>,

My name is Jimmy Stewart.  You may remember me as the person who sent you the unusual BOX of goodies in the mail a few weeks ago which included my book, “The Great Escape.”

While it may seem silly to get a piece of mail like this, I assure you when it comes to your debt and financial needs, I’m all business.

However, I knew I had to do something to be sure I gained your attention.  I want to erase your Financial Headaches, while saving you money with our Complimentary Financial Freedom Strategy Session.

I’m a Debt Elimination Expert who specializes in the needs of DEBT ELIMINATION and Financial Freedom and I want to meet for a No Obligation Complimentary Review of your financial worries. We call it our Complimentary Financial Freedom Strategy Session.

This is your livelihood were talking about, and without the proper DEBT PLAN in place your entire life could be turned upside-down.  That’s why it’s so important to have an Expert Analyst who knows the ropes.

In Today's uncertain economy is more complex than ever and you want to know you're covered for unexpected occurrences. Our Debt Elimination Plan is designed to protect you against the banks and credit card companies through a tailored and comprehensive Debt Elimination Strategy Session.

We show you how to Eliminate ALL your debt -- credit card debt, car loans and even your mortgage -- two to three times faster using the money you already earn. 

Best of all, you NEVER have to go through credit counseling, debt negotiation, bankruptcy or even refinancing -- all of which can add more debt and harm your credit score and designed to meet your financial needs.

Has Your Finances Changed In the Last 12 Months?

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