Plastic Fortune Fish

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"What’s Your Fortune?"

"Need Some Good Fortune?"

"Here’s The Secret To Making Your Fortune in ________"

"You’ll Save a Fortune When You ________."

Sample Headlines

Whether you’re saving your customers money, making them money, or making their life easier, this fortune telling fish will get your message read.  Fun and inexpensive.  Adds no additional postage cost to your mailing.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

“Finding the Right [professional or service] is Like Finding Your Fortune”

You Love a Good Fortune, And You’ll Get Exactly That with [your service]

Dear [personalized],

Go ahead, take out the fortune telling fish.  I'll wait..  So what did you find out? Are you In Love...  Fickle...  Passionate.

Isn’t that like finding a new solution to a problem you’ve been facing in your business?  The sense of anticipation, maybe even a little uncertainty you have.  Isn’t finding that solution like finding a good fortune?  Well guess what, you’ve found your next good fortune.

[name of your business] has been serving businesses such as your since XXXX.  With our years of experience and our professional and friendly staff, we can fulfill all your [service] needs.

I’m so sure that you’ll be pleased with our services that I’ll give you a FREE [gift] just for meeting with me.  There’s no risk, no obligation.  Even if you don’t choose my company for your [service] needs, the [gift] is still yours to keep.

This entire letter is in our “Definitive Guide to Using 3D Mail in Your Marketing Campaigns.”  Request your guide here.

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