It’s Back To School Time... Would Your Business Finances Get A Passing Grade?

What’s Happening To Your ___________? Our Lunch and Learn Series Reveals The Facts.

It’s Back To School Time... Would Your ________________ Get A Passing Grade?

The Kids Are Going Back To School, What Are You Doing This Month to Improve Your ________________?

What’s Happening To Your 401(k)? Our Lunch and Learn Series Reveals The Facts.

Sample Headlines

Is it back to school time?  If so, use this unique mailer to get the attention of our prospect or client.  Here’s an example of a letter you can use. Every business, whether targeting consumers or businesses, should be in the information giving (A.KA. Information Marketing) business.  Every imaginable business could hold their own version of a “lunch and learn.” The owner of the martial arts school could just as easily use the letter to drive prospects to a webinar or tele-seminar on the correlation between martial arts and success in school. The business owner selling industrial steel could do something very similar, using the same bookmark and a very similar letter  driving his prospects to an online learning series about the benefits of his steel.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

It’s Back-to-School & Back-to-Sewing Time

We’re Thrilled to Announce That Brother and Janome Have Agreed To Sharpen Their Pricing Pencil So We Can Offer You These Incredible Prices During the Month of September

Dear <<first>>,

Both Janome and Brother know that back-to-school time is also Back-to Sewing time.  The kids are back at school and it’s you once again have time to sew and embroider.

Brother and Janome know they’re competing for your business!

We told Brother and Janome that we were putting them side-by-side for this sale and that they needed to give you the best price possible is they expected your business during our Back-To-School and Back-To-Sewing Event - and boy did they respond!

Frankly, We Were Shocked at the Discounts

In fact the prices Brother and Janome are so low we can’t put them in print, so be sure to stop down to the store and check them out.  There simply is no better time to buy a sewing machine, seger, embroidery machine or vacuum.

Check out the manufacturers who are supporting us the best of the year prices!
Sewing / Quilting Machines

With asked-for features, versatile built-in functions and user-friendly machine design, the Brother® vast line-up has a dream machine for everyone. Beginners will love how fast and easy it is to learn to use a Brother machine. Sophisticated sewers will feel empowered by the potential of Brothers creative tools. Quilters will love the wide-open workspaces and shadow-free lighting and crafters will relish the sewing capabilities that no other machine manufacturer has made possible before now.

Embroidery Machines

You'll love the magic, color and style that embroidery can add to nearly anything. Brother® gives you what you need in an embroidery machine—high-speed performance, intuitive technology, versatile functions and beautiful built-in designs. Some models feature state-of-the-art computer connectivity. With our wide array of embroidery machines, for the beginner to the most experienced embroiderer, you can find the creative power to turn your dreams into embroidered reality.

 Embroidery Machines

The world of Janome Professional-Style Embroidery brings amazing tools to your creative talents - from customizing fashions to suit your individual style to starting a home-based embroidery business. Janome embroidery machines utilize intuitive technologies and are smooth, quiet and easy to use. Each Janome Embroidery model has a patented built-in embroidery unit, eliminating the need for bulky embroidery attachments – a Janome exclusive!


Janome makes a full line of sergers for any budget or ability –from our basic MyLock models to our computerized   1200D serger and coverstitch machine, our sergers will bring a professional finish to all of your projects. Janome innovation has developed easy thread guides, an advanced feed system, and more sewing space to aid you in making every project a success.

. Sewing/Quilting

You’ve dedicated yourself to an art form that creates a legacy. You deserve a machine that is as serious about your hobby as you are. The models available in the Janome quilting line will make your work quicker and more enjoyable. Janome quilting machines come equipped with superior feed systems that guarantee accurate results.

Don’t miss out.  The Once-A-Year Stony Brook Sewing & Vac Sewing/Quilting Machine, Seger, and Embroidery Machine Sale Anniversary Sale ends on March 3 and with it ends all of the special discounts from Janome and Brother.  Stop down today.


Travis Lee


Stony Brook Sew & Vac

P.S. Stop down today and experience all of the new models from Janome and Brother.


P.P.S. These sale prices are too low to advertise, so stop on down and get the very best prices of the year.  The sale prices expire when we close the store at 9:00pm on September 30.

SKU: D31063
Minimum Order 12 Case(s)

Cases Total Pieces Price Per Piece Total
12 144 $0.15 $21.6
48 576 $0.13 $74.88
84 1008 $0.10 $100.8
168 2016 $0.08 $161.28