It Will Feel Like Magic When You ____________!

It's Not Magic!

Make Magical Things Happen In Your Business

Sample Headlines

Do you and your product/service have magic power? Of course not… But it can certainly appear that you possess magical powers. This is a great campaign if you have the solution for hard to solve problem. It also works great for a “magic” themed campaign for your products, services and events for your business.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

Who Says There Is No Free Lunch?....

Free Lunch and Magic Show!

OK, I have to admit, while you may think it’s magic, there will be no magic performed at my free lunch on Saturday at the GKIC SuperConference. When you discover How to Control Your Business and Your Life, it may look and sound like magic, but it’s not...

I’m Buying Lunch for 80 Select Guests at the GKIC SuperConference... You MUST Qualify to Attend

You’re coming to the SuperConference so you’re obviously an accomplished, driven, business owner; or top manager... and since you’re still reading this, you know that if you could control your business better you could accomplish even more. That’s what this luncheon is all about. You’ll discover exactly how to take control of your business, and your life, with Step-By-Step, Easy to Implement Systems.

You will take TOTAL control of your business when you create systems to control your business

But Who Has Time To Create Those Systems?  That’s what you’ll discover during lunch. You’ll discover the types of systems you need in your business and how to borrow from others to quickly and easily implement them in your business.

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