Headache Relieving 3 Step Mail System

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Is the High Price of _____________ Giving Your a Headache?

Buy 3 and Save, Multiply Your Response!

Curing What Ail’s Ya!

Actual Smile of 3D Mail Results Client After His First 3D Mail Direct Mail Campaign!

Sample Headlines

Do you solve a nagging headache or problem for your clients?  Use these themed mailers to stand out!  Our testing our found that the more tightly themed your mail sequece is, the more success you’ll have.  Use these 3 pieces to cut the clutter and dramatically boost response.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

Pill Bottle Self Mailer's Sample:

Betty, have you been driving yourself sick?

Need a convenient auto shop that offers free loaner cars, free car washes and free towing?

Looking for quality service that saves you valuable time and headaches?

Worried about choosing the right repair shop?
This is Just What The Doctor Ordered......

X-Ray Film's sample :

Client Memo

From:  Dr. Keith Lee D.D.S. (Doctor of Dynamic Store profits)
Date:  Friday, 2:37 pm

“Why In The Heck Is Keith Lee Sending You An X-Ray To Tell You About This Incredible Special On A Point-Of-Sale System To Control Your Inventory,Give You The Management Information You Need, and Increase Profits?” .....

Antacid sample :

Take 2 of these and call me – the tax doctor – in the morning

I guarantee I’ll cure your IRS pain, or visiting my tax office is FREE.

Dear Name,

Ok, I have to admit these antacid aren’t going to do anything to cure your IRS pain, in fact Congress has passed some very confusing new tax laws which go into effect THIS tax season, and this time they’ve changed everything around.  Congress, and the IRS, have made filing an accurate tax return almost impossible for regular, hard-working taxpayers like you!

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Minimum Order 10 Case(s)

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10 100 $2.03 $203.5
50 500 $1.80 $902
100 1000 $1.39 $1386
200 2000 $1.17 $2346

Pricing listed is per set of 3. For example,10 cases would get you 100 of EACH item, 20 cases would get you 200 of EACH item, etc.