Foam Barbell Stress Toys

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Let Us Do The Heavy Lifing For You!

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Pricing on this page is for blank (non-imprinted) barbells. If you would like a version imprinted with your logo or contact information please call (360) 761-7382. 

If you you offer an “all-inclusive” or a “done-for-you” product/service then you’ll want to use this great direct mail piece.  Customized versions available with your name/logo imprinted.  Call (888) 250-1834 for pricing.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

It Is Very Likely You’re Being OVER-CHARGED By Your Current Carrier. Finally…  A Solution to Save 28% On Your Phone Bill, And We Do ALL the Heavy Lifting!

Dear Travis,

Why did I send you a barbell stress reliever in the mail?

First, to get your attention.

Second, to illustrate that you can save up to 28% on your phone bill by allowing us to do all the heavy lifting.  Plus, all the stress with your current phone provider will melt away, for good!

Go ahead; pick up the barbell, give it a little squeeze, doesn’t that feel better?  Have some fun.  We could all use more laughter in our lives.  Not everything has to be so serious.

However, let me assure you that when it comes to saving my clients up to 28% on their phone system and long distance calls, I’m all business.

Hello, my name is John Doe and I’m with ABC Communications.  We specialize in helping businesses just like yours dramatically reduce the cost of their phone system.

In fact, we work with all the major phone companies throughout California to help streamline phone systems and find every penny you can save with your inbound and outbound phone calls.

However all of this can be very confusing.  And, let’s face it, the phone companies aren’t exactly forthcoming when it comes to all the wasted money you spend with them.

That’s where my company steps in.  We know the red-tape.  We know the ‘insider information’ to get you the best possible outcome.  We work for YOU, not the phone company.

I know this may be a big step for you and your company.  That’s why I’ve put together a free report:

“The 7 Secrets The Phone Company Doesn't Want You To Know On Saving Up to 28% On  Your Phone System Each Month.”

It’s a short (just 6 pages) report that will help you understand what the phone company is really up to; written in terms and language you can understand.  No industry waffle or over-the-top drivel.   It will arm you with the information you need to go directly to the phone company and demand that you get a fair shake.

What’s Your Next Step?

Travis, I know we can help you!  If you’re like most business

owners and feel the pressure each day to cut your overhead, then my FREE REPORT will do just that!  Requesting my free report is as easy as one, two, and three:

I look forward to sending you the report.


John Doe
P.S.  49% of all California businesses are overcharged by the phone company!  Don’t be one of them!  Call Toll Free:  800-555-1212 OR send an email to

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