Change The Beat of Your ______________

Isn’t It Time to Change the Beat?

Sample Headlines

I love to use of the drumsticks to “dance to a different beat” to sell against the 600-pound Gorillas in an industry. Competition is fierce and the “little guys” often need to do things that the big boys would never consider in order to stand out.  This is a perfect example.

If you have your own “600-pound Gorilla” in your industry or geographic area that you’re constantly bumping into, consider using this piece to cut the clutter and let your prospects know how you’re different!  Or, use this as a way to explain how an otherwise unorthodox method may be the solution they are looking for (Hey!  Like 3D Mail!) The drumsticks can be imprinted with your custom name/logo/message. Call (888) 250-1834 for a custom quote.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

“When it Comes to Logistics,
Isn’t It Time to Change the Beat?”

There are Alternatives to UPS & FedEx… 
Superior Alternatives. 
Come Explore a Customer
Focused Approach to Logistic. 

Dear Keith,

I know…  It’s strange getting a drumstick in the mail.  But I sent it for two VERY important reasons:

  1. What I have to tell you is vitally important to the shipping and logistics for American Retail Supply and I had to ensure I got your attention. If you’re reading this, the drumstick did its job.
  2. And second, to ask you this question: “Isn’t it time to change the beat of your logistics?” I thought the drum stick perfectly illustrated that.

American Retail Supply is only as efficient as the systems it’s using.  Picking, packing, printing, and tracking, all of it – not keeping the beat will throw the entire operation off track.

American Retail Supply needs to work efficiently and stay streamlined to maintain its cost-effectiveness.  To keep perfect time, you’ll need a solution that scales and adapts to the beat of your operation.

An operation is only as efficient as the system it uses, and without the right ones in place, costs go up, failures occur and package delays are guaranteed.

Think you have what it takes to be a rock star, Keith?
Test your rhythm at

Don’t let your operation break rhythm, Keith.  Get the one system tuned to play to the beat of your operation.  E-Commerce shipping software that is affordable, fast-performing and scale-able and built specifically for your unique needs.

To Greater Profits!
Logan Logistics

P.S.  Keith, I’m confident that our shipping and logistic solutions will out-perform your current provider, with lower costs and less downtime.  Please see a short personalized message for you and American Retail Supply at

Minimum Order 12 Case(s)

Cases Total Pieces Price Per Piece Total
8 200 $4.08 $815.36
12 300 $3.08 $924
20 500 $3.00 $1500
40 1000 $2.83 $2830
200 5000 $2.57 $12850

Priced per pair. 25 pcs. per case. Order in case quantities only.